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As of late Sept 2015, I started making limited number of Lamps out of popular brands of

Here are a few pictures of the ones I have made.
In case you wanted to know, most are $45 each.
These are not cheaply made like some of the others.


In the effort to gain new or updated experiences.
A bar near me has a program called 200 Beer Club.

Basically when you drink all 200 bottle of beer over time, you get you name on a board and a t-shirt.
They track it by paper. over 1000 people (heard 5k) are signed up for this.
Finding them in the stack is stored in A B C order by last name.

Sounds easy right? well I noticed the employee's at times or 50% just put them in the stack in no order as in, not to even try to sort them.

I have seen one employee spending 10 mins looking for one person.

Seeing an opportunity I took it on my self to make software for it using visual studio 2013. (VB) Picture to the right. This took about 3 weeks of about 15-20 each week to finish.
It uses a ms access data base to store and update the members.
I also added the option to see what bottles sell the most and what members are buying the most.
I'm not saying you questioned what I can and can't do but I wanted to pass this on to help you in your search.

If you'd like to know more or the rights to use this program. Let us know..